Become an OHN
OHNs are Registered Nurses (RN) who have additional education and/or experience in the field of occupational health. Many RNs begin working in Occupational Health before taking specialized courses and then either work their way towards completing an accredited Occupational Health Nursing program and/or write and pass the Occupational Nursing Certification Exam from the Canadian Nurses Association to obtain COHN(C).  AOHNA strongly encourages all members towards education and professional certification. 

If you are interested in Occupational Health Nursing and are considering it as a profession, a good place to start is to review our "What Do Occupational Health Nurses Do" page. Seek out OHNs at your place of work or study to discuss. Look for education and career fairs in your home or work community to connect with OHNs. You can also contact AOHNA and members will gladly answer your questions and share their journey to becoming OHN's. Professional mentorship is one of AOHNA's key functions and we are here to support current and future OHNs.

In terms of education, Occupational Health Nursing programs are available online through several colleges and universities in Canada. In Alberta, Grant McEwan University offers an online part-time certificate program. Other current Canadian providers include Sask Polytechnic, Mohawk College and the University of New Brunswick.

To write the Occupational Nursing Certification Exam, contact the Canadian Nurses Association for direction and to review requirements.