In partnership with Syncrude, a video was produced to show the vital role occupational heath nursing plays in industry: "We really appreciate the value that OHNs bring to us here at Syncrude. They’re a key member of our overall Safety Health and Environment team and they’re actually one of the few professions that stays with an employee throughout, in come cases, multiple decade careers right from the initial recruitment screening process though ongoing surveillances, with the end goal being that we want to make sure our employees have a long and healthy, happy retirement."

Watch Mike Daley on the full video here: http://aohna.org/resources-links/raising-the-profile

Mike Daley
VP Security Safety Health and Environment

In partnership with Syncrude, a video was produced to show the vital role occupational heath nursing plays in industry: "I work with a lot of Occupational Health Nurses at Syncrude and they’re very valuable... The nurses understand the workplace and they’re very good at spending a lot of time teaching and helping people prevent injuries and illness as well."

Watch Dr. Lawley on the full video here: http://aohna.org/resources-links/raising-the-profile

Dr. Lawley
Syncrude Chief Medical Officer

As a founding member of the AOHNA I am pleased with the progress we have made, from being thought of as people who do first aid & knitting (as I was told when I took my first OH job) to certified OH practitioners.

When my fellow OHN Joyce Cusack and I developed and taught the first OHN course in Canada we tried to give "factory nurses" support and knowledge to help them expand their practice to a broader level, and be recognized as specialists in a unique branch of nursing. We started something! Now the Canadian Nurses Association has recognized OH as a Canadian Certification, and some companies even require it for employment. Wow! Keep up the good work.

On-site occupational health nurses are indispensible for companies that want to mitigate occupational health hazards, perform medical/biological surveillance and trend analyses, promptly and appropriately accomodate ill and impaired employees, and facilitate occupational reintegration of employees on WC/STD/LTD. When and as appropriate, OHN(s) in effect perform as nurse practitioners. By any outcome measure, "disability" experience ratings are much improved when OHN(s) are involved. Small or less complex companies that do not need full-time nurses can still achieve beneficial results with part-timers. For the financially minded, OHN's are cost-effective.

Dr. Gabor Lantos
MD P.Eng MBA 1st
Occupational Health Physician/Multiple Affiliations

OHNs are a very valuable resource for DriverCheck. We have worked with OHNs in the areas of Disability Management, Occupational Health Testing, Medical Surveillance, and Remote Medical Services.

Their unsurpassed knowledge in Occupational Health Regulations and HSE policy development has helped us tremendously, not only in the development of our own policies and procedures, but in the development of our clients’ policies and procedures as well.

The OHNs we’ve worked with have certainly contributed positively to the AOHNA’s mission to create Nursing Expertise at Work: Healthy Workers, Healthy Business.

Connor Page
Business Development Manager
DriverCheck Inc.

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