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NEW: CNPS Now Offers Assistance with College Complaints

Nurses increasingly find themselves faced with complaints before their nursing regulatory body and may struggle to respond to them appropriately.  The CNPS offers Assistance with Regulatory Matters (ARM) to its beneficiaries to provide them access to legal assistance with respect to matters before their regulatory bodies. It is available as part of CNPS Supplementary Protection.

Please check the website to check what Assistance with Regulatory Matters (ARM) includes and how to access ARM (2016 fee is $80 plus tax).


Until now, there has been no legal protection or assistance for OHNs to defend or respond to any complaint made against them to CARNA. Therefore we are pleased to inform you of this supplemental coverage now available. Please see attached important information for OHNs. Please also note that as more members apply for this coverage, the annual fee is expected to decrease.