Do you have any staff that would like to quit smoking and learn to walk/run 5KM?  The Canadian Cancer Society, Running Room and Public Health Agency of Canada offer a program:

Help your patients quit smoking and get active!


The Canadian Cancer Society and Running Room are combining their expertise to offer Run to Quit, a unique and innovative smoking cessation program!  The step-by-step program helps smokers cope with discomfort and cravings through its simple and encouraging approach to cutting down while they become more physically active. 


Run to Quit is being studied by researchers from the University of British Columbia for its potential as a chronic disease prevention program. Six months after Run to Quit completed its first year, an impressive 40 per cent of participants surveyed said they had quit smoking and 43 per cent said they were also running on average three times a week.


In addition, 91 per cent of participants who completed the program said they had cut back on smoking and 97 per cent reported Run to Quit helped them to exercise more. 


“We saw participants shift in terms of the way they saw themselves; first as smokers and eventually to runners embracing a more active lifestyle. Their confidence to both quit smoking and run increased as did their overall physical and mental health scores,” says Dr. Carly Priebe, a researcher at UBC. 


Registration for Run to Quit is now open and available until May 5, 2017 in all provinces across Canada. This April, in-store programs are at select Running Room locations in Edmonton and Calgary; virtual training programs begin April 17 and are available entirely online, anywhere in Alberta.


Electronic and print materials (posters and tear pads) are available to promote Run to Quit. For resources and more information on how to promote Run to Quit, please contact Kristyn at or at 780-437-8412. Full program details available at