South Central Education Session - Reflexive Posture
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AOHNA South Central Education Session
Thursday, March 8, 2018
1130- 1 pm

Danish Canadian Club of Calgary
727 11 Ave SW, Calgary
Parking available onsite

Cost: $30.00:  hot lunch served!
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No cash taken at door
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Presentation Title: Reflexive Posture

In this workshop Dr. Bohemier will teach you about how your postural reflexes work. Dr Bohemier will also talk about what is happening neurologically to determine where you are in space and how your eyes, inner ear, teeth and neck affect your posture. Also he will discuss how blue light and technology affect these postural reflexes and demonstrate how to screen people to understand what parts of their brain may be affecting their posture and balance. Dr Bohemier will also show how some simple movements can be beneficial in instantly changing where the body is in space and how your neurology functions.

Presenter: Dr. Jean-Paul Bohemier

Dr. Jean-Paul Bohemier graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2006, He has spent most of his career specializing in the head and neck and postural reflexes. He originally got interested in the head and neck after having an specialized adjustment to his neck which cured his migraine headaches for the last 13 years. Dr. Bohemier comes from a family of over 43 chiropractors. In 2015 finished a post graduate diplomate in the cranio-cervical junction from the international chiropractic association. Dr Bohemier also is certified in the NUCCA technique. His passion is to teach people about how the head and neck affect how your body relates to gravity. 


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