OHN’s Preparing for the Future Grant - CLOSED
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This Grant is now closed.

The final report was submitted to OHS on March 31, 2016. We have learned a great deal from this project that will continue to help us grow not only our executive expertise in this area, but also our members. Knowledge and experience driving value to the front line!

The OHNs Preparing for the Future Grant assisted over 25 nurses with their continuing education to gain knowledge and skill in the specialty of occupational health, leadership and reduction of workplace injuries and illnesses:

"I have found that by immersing myself in the study of occupational health while also working in the field in a variety of settings (oil sands, industrial manufacturing, remote site nursing, disability management, etc.) I have formed a broad foundation of knowledge on which to build my nursing practice. I'm looking forward to completing my certificate and plan to take the COHN specialty certification exam in April of 2016.

Thank you all again for this opportunity to continue my nursing journey with the AOHNA." 

- Jennifer Bennett


"...I now have a better understanding for the need and value of obtaining this certificate due to the specialized knowledge bases required to be a competent OHN. I am sure it is easy for some to not to complete the certificate once they are employed in the field, but with your dedication to high standards in OHN as demonstrated by providing this bursary, one of many examples, it gives me confidence that I have made the right decision to switch my career path to OHN in Alberta."

- Stacy Landa