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AOHNA Awards

The association also endeavors to recognize members who have contributed to the profession. Complete the application form to nominate a member for an award.

AOHNA Employer Award

The association endeavors to recognize employers who have contributed to the OHN profession. Complete the application form to nominate an employer for an award.  Employers can be nominated by a current OHN, be nominated by a group of OHNs with the same employer or nominate themselves.  This award allows employers to be publicly recognized for supporting their OHns and the CNA Certifification Program.  Criteria includes:

  • OHN certification credential mentioned in advertisements and/or job descriptions when recruiting for RNs.
  • Facility - or company-wide recognition of the achievements of OHNs.
  • Financial support for RNs taking their OHN certification exams or obtaining certification renewal.
  • Provision of other types of compensation.
  • Encouragement of OHNs to act as mentors, either on a day-to-day basis with workplace colleagues or for the OHN Certification Mentorship Program; provision and/or support of mentorship study groups.
  • Support of professional participation on AOHNA/COHNA board or other AOHNA/COHNA committee.

AOHNA Nursing Awards Summary

Ruptash-Mandryk Nurse of the Year Award

  • Demonstrates extraordinary involvement and achievement
  • Outstanding practice, education, research or leadership
  • Outstanding volunteer endeavour which reflects commitment and leadership
  • Nomination submitted by March 31.

Chapter- Exemplary Service Award

  • Demonstrates interest in the well-being of the OHN profession and the health and safety of workers
  • Positive and enthusiastic
  • Initiates new ideas
  • Commitment to the AOHNA
  • Actively involved at the provincial or chapter level
  • Promote occupational health nursing
  • Constructive participation in chapter affairs
  • Nominations submitted by March 31

Years of Dedicated Service Award

  • Retired
  • Active member of the AOHNA and CARNA
  • Actively participated in AOHNA meetings
  • Made a contribution to promote and maintain workers’ health and safety
  • Nominations submitted by March 31.

Promising Performer Award

  • Working in an Occupational Health setting no longer than 3 years
  • Actively participates in AOHNA affairs at the Chapter or Provincial level
  • Nominations submitted by March 31.

Other Awards

The College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CARNA) provides recognition awards to nurses for excellence and service. Click on the link for more details.