Dr. Lorelli Nowell

Thursday, April 23, 2020

10:30 - 11:30 Mentorship in Nursing

Globally, the nursing profession has called for mentorship to support the development of nurses. Meaningful mentorship can provide opportunities to engage in positive, mutually beneficial, and significant conversations that evolve professional practice and form strong networks in today’s ever-changing healthcare landscape. It also leads to the development of reflective practice and leadership skills which in turn improves nursing practice and patient outcomes.

In this presentation we will explore the diversity of mentorship, examine the role mentorship plays in professional development, and discuss how mentorship can create a safe, inclusive, and respectful culture of learning and growth. Participants will be encouraged to: (1) reflect on the role of mentorship in their own professional development, (2) share local and institutional-level approaches to promoting mentorship, and (3) discuss evidence based strategies for establishing and sustaining successful mentoring relationships. 


About the Presenter:

Dr. Lorelli Nowell, RN, PhD

Dr. Lorelli Nowell has been teaching in the Faculty of Nursing since 2003 and recently rejoined the faculty as an Assistant Professor with a Teaching and Learning Research Professorship. After completing her PhD in Nursing at the University of Calgary in 2017, she completed an Eyes High Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning.  Lorelli is passionate about mentorship and has a strong mixed methods research background with numerous interdisciplinary collaborations exploring mentorship across professional and higher education settings. She recently co-led the development and publication of a mentorship guide for teaching and learning. She has also worked in collaboration with University of Calgary leadership team to develop a continuum of teaching expertise with a specific focus on mentorship. Lorelli puts her mentorship research into practice by seeking out mentors to support her own learning and development while actively providing mentorship to students and colleagues.


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