Day 3 - Kathy Rolfe

Session: PTSD and Workplace Reintegration

Presented by Kathy Rolfe

For many people who have suffered an occupational stress injury, returning to work can be a stressful and intimidating process. For employers, ensuring that they are fully equipped to support their worker both practically and emotionally can be overwhelming.  From everyday considerations such as scheduling an effective return to work plan, to the employee’s PTSD driven internalized guilt and shame, co-workers and employers alike will benefit greatly from gaining further insight into the injured party’s healing journey. 

This session consists of a general overview of what PTSD is relative to symptom presentation and subsequent diagnosis; and then offers a more in-depth understanding of how employers, supervisors, co-workers and affected employees can set the stage for a successful return to work program. 

Kathy completed graduate school and registered as a psychologist in Alberta with a dual specialization in Clinical Psychology and Behavior modification in 2012. She is in private practice and the owner of Balance Psychological Services, Kathy offers therapy in both a clinical setting and using horses in an Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy modality. She also joined the Edmonton Police Service in 1999 and has been a police officer for 20 years. As such, Kathy has seen firsthand the importance of supporting individuals and families who have been affected by trauma, and specializes in Occupational Stress Injuries and PTSD in her practice.

Kathy lives with her husband, 6 horses and 2 dogs on their ranch just outside of Edmonton, and is happy to report that none of her fur babies are registered in soccer, dance, hockey or gymnastics.