2019 Education Day - Juanita House

Independent Medical Examinations: Setting Expectations 

Juanita House RN, BN, OHNC, COHNc, LNC 

Independent Medical Examinations (IME's) are widely used in the case management arena both in occupational and non-occupational injury and illness claims. This session will discuss how professionals managing injury and illness cases can set expectations for employees, employers, themselves and the examiners performing the IME's. We will discuss the legal and ethical considerations as well as review some case studies. The session will end with a short period for open discussion. 

Juanita House is an Occupational Health Nurse Consultant who founded Eisan Consulting in 2005.Juanita's vision was to create a company that was devoted to assisting employers and employees in the prevention and management of occupational injury, illness & disability. Her mandate was to ensure Occupational Health Nurses were at the forefront of that service. 

Her career spans three decades with many stops in between. Stops that have allowed her the great opportunity to mentor, to teach and to volunteer. She attributes success to an odd sense of humor, random dance parties and having a supportive "I got your back" network. She is an Instructor for UNB COHN program since 2014. 

Juanita also has an avid interest in the law and is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. This work has allowed her to expand her knowledge of worker rights and human rights. She is a contract investigator for the Alberta Government's Protection for Person in Care. In 2017 she was appointed to the Alberta Government's BBVI expert panel adding an OHN voice to that panel. She has received the Ruptash-Mandryk AOHNA Nurse of the year award (2014), the AOHNA Chapter Award of Excellence (2018) and the Canadian Occupational Health Nursing Award of Excellence in 2018. Juanita is a dedicated OHN who pursues this profession with passion and is privileged to be here with colleagues and peers!