2019 Education Day - Dr. Jonathan Davids

Session: Dealing with Recreational and Medical Cannabis in the Workplace

Presenter: Dr. Jonathan W. Davids, MD, CCFP, FCFP, CCBOM, MRO (AAMRO), DIP. SPORT MED.

This session, sponsored by DriverCheck, discusses the following:

  • Impacts of cannabis on safety sensitive work

  • Challenges of medical cannabis in safety sensitive workplaces

  • Dealing with recreational cannabis in the workplace

  • Canadian Workplace Approaches

  • What do the numbers say?  Drug testing results before and after legalization

  • Drug testing - what are our options and what are Canadians doing now?


Dr. Davids is the Corporate Medical Director for DriverCheck Inc. He received his MD and completed a residency in Family Medicine at McMaster University, and is trained and Board certified in Occupational Medicine and Family Medicine. Dr. Davids is a certified Medical Review Officer for workplace drug and alcohol testing, and holds subspecialties in Sport and Exercise Medicine, and Diving & Hyperbaric Medicine.

Practicing Occupational Medicine for over 20 years, he initially worked as a Medical Officer with the Department of National Defence, and then as a Corporate Medical Advisor and Medical Director for organizations in the retail and manufacturing industries, policing, healthcare, and education, and is a designated Marine Medical Examiner with Transport Canada.

He is an experienced leader in policy development for substance use in the workplace, determination of Fitness-for-duty, Workplace Mental Health and Psychological Health & Safety, disability case management, and workplace accommodation. In his spare time he enjoys travelling with his family, sailing, riding his motorcycle, and spending time with his Olde English Pocket Beagle, Charlie.